Visit to the Prosenter

Today I visited the Prosenter in Oslo with my international English class. I found the visit very fascinating and informative, and I was very excited to go there. We had a lecture by one of the women who works at the center, who was originally an ethnologist. The topic of the lecture was human trafficking and prostitution.

The woman told us a lot about prostitution and human trafficking in general, and she taught us the definitions of these words. The definitions we learned were a little different from what I originally thought, so it was very interesting to learn more about it. What I knew before was a very broader definition of the words, so it was helpful to get more details and specifics. I became aware that there are many forms of both prostitution and human trafficking, and there are a lot of different factors that have to be taken into consideration in every case. She showed us the Norwegian law for prostitution and compared it to other countries, which was very educational. Norway has stricter laws than many other countries, and it is not as common here. However, there are still cases of prostitution in Norway and it is important that we take it seriously and realise how big of a global issue it really is. I think it is amazing that we got the chance to visit the Prosenter, and I definitely learned a lot from the experience.

Letter to the next president

Dear Donald Trump,

Congratulations on winning the election. You now have the power, and your country, and the rest of the world, expect you to improve todays situation and make America a better place. It is up to you to take care of each and every one of your citizens, and make sure that your country is a safe place for everyone. America voted for change, and you have to keep the promises you have made during the election. Although many people may not agree with what you stand for, you have to prove that something good can come out of it. One suggestion is that you have to start respecting everyone, regarding skin color, gender, sexuality or background. I believe that this is the key to a better society. There is also a lot of improvement to be done on the economy, and the differences between rich and poor in the society. During the next four years, I hope that you will use your power to make a positive impact on the world, and “make America great again”.

Thank you for reading my letter, sincerely Stine Vatle.

humans of Oslo project


Today, my english class went in to Oslo to do a project called “humans of Oslo”, where we were supposed to ask english speaking people on the street some questions. Mari andI went to Karl Johan street and around the castle where we met two guys from Valencia in Spain. I asked if I could ask them a couple of questions, and after a bit of hesitation, they said yes.

They were both from Valencia in Spain, and they had been friends for about six years. They were traveling around in Scandinavia, and had just been to Bergen yesterday. They told me they were really enjoying it so far. I asked them what they did for a living and they were both taking some time off studying, to earn money and travel for a while. When I asked them what one of their happiest memories was, they had to think for a while. One of them eventually said it had to be when he bought his puppy, because it brought him so much happiness and joy. He told me that the happiness and joy the puppy had brought him, had helped him through a rough patch, although he did not want to go into details about this.

I thought the project was interesting and had a nice concept, however it was quite hard to get interesting information from people, as not everyone is completely comfortable opening up to a stranger. It was a great way to use and learn more English though, so I quite enjoyed it after all.



topics for the year – questions

Studying and Working Abroad

Many young people choose to go abroad to study or work. What might be the reasons for this?

I think many young people choose to study or work abroad, because it gives you a lot of life experience and you mature a lot during your time abroad. When you study or work in another country, you will not only learn about what you are studying and specializing in, you will learn about other cultures as well. It forces you to become very independent, and you will learn new things about yourself as well as other people that you will meet. You will get an experience for life, that cannot be compared to studying in your own country, close to home.

Media and the Role of the Media

Social media have become more and more important and powerful in today’s society. Describe some of the ways in which social media are used. Give examples.

Social media is a very important part of many peoples everyday lives, and it is such a powerful way of communicating and sharing things globally. Social media is of course used to share your life with people from all around the world. Through social media you are able to share parts of your life online with friends and family, but also with people from other parts of the world. Instagram and blogs are great ways to share experiences and interests with other people. Social media is also used to share, for example a political opinion and to create a debate online, so that many people can get involved, and sometimes even change something within your society that people were not happy with.


What is multiculturalism? Can you give examples of multicultural societies? What possibilities and challenges do multicultural societies face?

Multiculturalism is when several cultures and backgrounds exist within the same society. Norway has recently become a very multicultural society, where several different cultures meet in one country. This is mostly due to the high immigration to the country recently. The immigration has brought many backgrounds together and formed a society consisting of people from many parts of the world. One of the biggest challenges with multiculturalism is prejudice. People make up their minds about a person or a group of people before getting to know them, which makes it very hard to live in a society together. However, if people were more open to new cultures, it would be a great way to learn about other nationalities and parts of the world.


feedback on todays activities

  • What were your expectations today?
  • What emotiions did you feel during the ice-breaking and trust exercises? (at least 5, positive and negative)
  • Why did you feel these?
  • What did you learn today? (About language, about yourself, about others.)

Going into class this morning, I did not really have any specific expectations about todays lesson. I had read on its learning that we were going to be doing some physical activities, but I did not know what, so I had an open mind!

During the ice – breaking and trust exercises we did today, I felt a little nervous and uncomfortable at some points. Especially during the exercise where we were tangled up together, and were supposed to try to untangle each other, without letting go of each others hands. We were all really close to each other and I felt like we were invading each others personal space, but I guess that was kind of the point of the exercise. I also felt happy and relaxed, because I got a feeling of solidarity and trust in the class. When we were in pairs and one of us had our eyes closed and the other person leaded the other, I felt a little scared and worried. You can’t see where you are going and you have to trust a person that you might not know that well to guide you in the right direction. However, this was also a very fun exercise, where you got to know your partner a little better. I liked the exercises because it made me go outside of my comfort zone, which I think we all need to do sometimes.

In todays lesson, I learned that it is important to trust other people. In the trust exercises we did, I really had to trust the other person to guide me and lead me in the right direction, and I thought about how  important it is to trust people in life. I also realised that I don’t have to speak perfect english in order to communicate with other people, the most important thing is that I practice and get better and better every time.